Rental Equipment

Basin Concrete - Trucking and Rental carries a wide variety of rental equipment and also provides yard and storage rental services. From drilling to completion to production, we provide and deliver the equipment you need to be productive in the patch.

We have fully trained mechanics on staff to service and maintain the equipment we rent. We also have certified trainers available to train your employees on the safe and proper use of the equipment. (Fully insured)

  • Yard Rental
  • Tubular Storage and Sales

Rental Equipment
Air Compressors
Bit Storage Container
Catwalks / Catwalk extensions
Containment Dike
Cranes (45, 80, 60, 110ton)
Fisher / Cellar pumps
Flare Tanks
Flock Tanks
Frac Tanks
High sided Catch Tanks
Hopper Pump
Hydraulic Cat Walk
Junk Basket
Light / Generator Towers
Low Sided Catch Tanks
Mud Vac Pumps
Pipe Racks
Pipe Tubs
Premier Super Sucker
Premix Tanks
Pressure Washers
Reamers / Pony Subs
Trac Hoe
Trash Bins
Trip Tanks
400 Barrel Tanks
6" Pumps
4" Pumps
3" Pumps
2" Pumps